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Pergolas, pavilions and gazebos are a great way to define a space and to stay cool under the hot Oklahoma sun. We can build just about any shape and size pergola you would like. Our landscape design team will work with you to strategically position any structure to overlook the surrounding scenery without sacrificing views or privacy.

We offer a wide selection of designs and custom solutions to fulfill your needs.


Custom built outdoor structures.

We custom build all of our gorgeous pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos. This allows us to offer you unlimited options on these durable landscape features. Our expert designers will guide you through all options to determine your needs — from style choices and materials to seating and privacy. Our landscape team will design the perfect pergola, gazebo or pavilion style, and then proceed to construct it adhering to the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship. Many years of experience installing pergolas and pavilions in Oklahoma sets Havenscapes apart from other local businesses offering these services.

We use cedar as our primary material. It is resistant to rot as well as termites and other pests. Our fasteners are designed to withstand Oklahoma storms and have been known to hold strong through tornadoes when the roofs didn’t fare as well. Once you see one of our pergolas and the lumber sizes we use, you’ll begin to notice how the “competitors” don’t hold a candle to our construction techniques. Posts can either be bolted to existing concrete or set in the soil with concrete surrounding the bottom. One of the best features we offer is a polycarbonate pergola covering. It allows the light through the top but it keeps the area free of rain and snow.



We can attach a pergola to your house as a beautiful gateway to outdoor spaces or freestanding as a striking cover for patios or gardens. They have columns, or posts, to support a roof of trelliswork for extended greenery growth, or spaced beams for dappled shade. We also offer a polycarbonate roof covering that allows light while providing rain and snow protection.



Pavilions are similar to pergolas but have a pitched roof with shingles to match the home. Covered roofs make them a good choice for patios that need more protection like those with outdoor kitchens.

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Gazebos are larger and sturdier than pergolas and pavilions. These are round or polygonal structures Gazebos are typically octagonal or polygonal in shape. Options can include railing between posts or even a raised floor. We also will place a decorative top (cupola) to add interest to the structure. We can build in durable benches to the design to allow permanent seating. Gazebos are a perfect gathering space for entertaining.


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