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Outdoor lighting solutions.

Enhance safety and aesthetics with our expertly designed LED and low-voltage lighting solutions for homes and businesses.


Exterior landscape lighting for your business.

Carefully chosen and placed landscape lighting adds atmosphere and beauty to your garden after dark and helps you make better use of your outdoor spaces. It also provides security and safety to you and your family. We can create a balanced outdoor lighting design that brings out the beauty of your landscape even after the sun goes down. We will create balanced exterior lighting for your business that provides security and brings out the attractiveness of building architecture and landscaping.


Lighting for your deck and patio.

The lighting of your patio or deck should be installed to complement the entire landscape and blend well with the architecture of your home, as well as the seasonally changing foliage outside. Lighting for your outdoor living spaces should be designed to not overshadow your landscaping, so that it achieves the perfect balance between hardscapes such as decks and pool areas, landscaping and your home’s – while maximizing the use of your outdoor spaces at night. Our lighting installations will help you maximize your deck and patio space at night. You will have proper illumination for safety and security and an inviting ambiance.


Outdoor lighting for your pool and landscape.

Our outdoor lighting options for your pool can provide needed safety and attractive accents. We design our landscape lighting illuminations to enhance, not overshadow, the look of your landscaping. Outdoor lighting is also great for repelling mosquitoes and other bugs away from your pool.


Outdoor lighting for your walkways and pathways.

Elevate the allure of your outdoor space with our exquisite landscape lighting solutions, expertly designed to not only ensure safety and guidance throughout your Oklahoma home, but also to infuse dramatic charm into the surroundings, transforming your nights into captivating experiences.


Energy efficient outdoor lighting.

Create an enchanting ambiance and add a touch of drama to your surroundings with our captivating lighting installations, designed to illuminate responsibly and conserve energy through our cutting-edge selection of energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions.

  • Are LEDs good
    for outdoor use?

    LED lights are great for outdoor lighting because of their unmatched energy efficiency and long lifespan. They also provide very high quality light for their size.

  • How long do outdoor
    LEDs last?

    We primarily use LEDs that are built to last 15 years per bulb. This is many times longer than incandescent, halogen, or CFL bulbs.

  • Do you need special bulbs
    for outdoor lighting?

    You can use most indoor bulbs outdoors — even in direct contact with water. Exceptions include some incandescent flood light bulbs, CFLs, and Xenon bulbs. All the bulbs and enclosures we use are safe for outdoor lighting.


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