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Did you know good landscaping design can enhance your home’s value upward of 15%? Architectural details such as outdoor kitchens can add even more value. If you are thinking about redesigning your garden in the Oklahoma City area, you want to choose a skilled local landscape design firm with experience and integrity.

At Havenscapes, we take care to provide our customers with high quality landscaping services tailored to their lifestyle and tastes. Our landscape design team members are professional, courteous, and efficient. Our jobs are done on time, on-budget, and to the full satisfaction of our clients.


Nathan Boyles


As Malcom Gladwell once said, “The key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill is investing at least 10,000 hours of time into your practice… “. It’s safe to say Nathan has exceeded this feat in his many years of design & build experience. The great thing about being in this game for this long, is that he has nearly seen it all. The ability of bringing spaces to life is something Nathan loves most about the business he runs. He understands the landscape industry is constantly changing, bringing new ideas and more importantly new lessons daily. Nathan strives for innovation and excellence when it comes to his craft. This enthusiasm is the key element producing top tier results.

Family is at the top of Nathan’s priorities. It’s something that gives him reason to build the way he does. He applies his innovation and experience to his work. A family man building spaces that families can enjoy is a strategy anyone can bet the house on any day of the week.


Nathan Martin


Some people detest the thought of manual labor, not willing to bear the aches and fatigue that come with it. Nathan Martin is not one of those people. He welcomes the opportunity to labor with a bearhug. While growing up around the construction industry, he found an interest in the concrete pouring and finishing process. Not only curious about manmade environments, Nathan has always had a love for the great outdoors. An early involvement with programs such as 4-H and FFA sparked a deep affection for plant and animal life as a young man. That soon evolved into a desire to work in a field that involved those things, resulting in a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture with an emphasis in Horticulture, naturally.

With the appreciation Nathan possesses all that nature has to offer, it’s safe to say he has found his niche working in the world of Landscape Design. Combining his appreciation of nature, early exposures to masonry, expertise in horticulture, and physically sturdy frame, Nathan carries the components of what makes a powerful Landscape Architect.


Alison Phillips

Landscape Designer

Everyone has heard the saying “Don’t mix business with pleasure.” However, throughout her 3 years of professional experience, Alison intentionally flips that notion on its head, creatively speaking, of course. While others think it’s wise to keep business and pleasure separate, that defining combination is the driving force of Alison’s productivity. When it comes to her process, she is a maestro at engaging with our clients and translating the ideas in their heads to feasible plans starting from paper and ink. Moreover, she loves the fact that this builds a relationship with the people she works with. Some skills in particular are home DIY projects with her husband, hanging with her rambunctious son Silas, throwing clay on her pottery wheel, or tending to her home garden.

Needless to say, the ways of sculpting her ingenuity span beyond her professional career. The beautiful thing about this is that her home-life and her work-life fuel one another. This is a powerful tandem that makes Alison the valuable and proficient artist we’re happy to have on our team.


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