Xeriscaping Plants to Conserve Water in a Drought

succulent garden

Xeriscaping, or landscaping to withstand drought conditions, can take many forms. Grouping plants with similar watering conditions to conserve water is a popular form of xeriscaping, in lieu of maintaining a standard lawn.

While planting for a xeriscape instead of a full grass lawn can seem like a drastic change, the money you can save on your water bill makes a xeriscape plan worth exploring. A study conducted by the Alliance for Water Efficiency found that a xeriscaped landscape can reduce monthly water use by 33%. There are many shrubs, trees, perennials, and even grasses that can be used for xeriscaping, so while you might not have a typical grass lawn, your landscape will still be lush with plants.

Common Xeriscape Plants in Oklahoma


If you simply cannot go without grass, these grasses can fill that void, while also conserving water.


Shrubs are a great plant to shape your landscape, border your home, and add color to your garden. These shrubs are low maintenance, and are great for xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping Plant


Perennials add an array of color to your landscape, even if they don’t need to be watered. These perennials are perfect for a xeriscaped landscape, and low maintenance.


Trees can create shady spots on your landscape, and provide shape and depth – but not all trees need large amounts of water to survive. Some trees that conserve water include:


Succulents only need to be watered every couple of weeks, and can make the perfect touch to any garden. Some succulents that are best used for xeriscaping include:

Along with planting for xeriscaping, the overall design of the landscape can also help conserve water. For more information on how to design a landscape to conserve water, refer to the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Havenscapes can help you achieve your dream landscape while still conserving water and using your area’s resources wisely. For a free consultation, contact us today.