Why Havenscapes? General Manager Nathan Boyles Tells Its Story

Green grass

Since Havenscapes opened its doors in June of 2009, General Manager Nathan Boyles has been developing business plans, drawing up designs, and supervising projects. Boyles was hired by Blue Haven in March of 2009 just before receiving his Landscape Architecture degree from Oklahoma State University that May.

After the economic downturn in 2009, the Blue Haven team needed more landscape developers like Nathan to help sustain the business outside of building pools. Providing outdoor living services along with their pool company was the next logical step to a business expansion that could keep both services under one roof.

“We do other work besides just around pools, so we named it Havenscapes,” Boyles said. “The company just grew and grew and grew like crazy from there.”

Beautiful, Upscale Projects

Havenscapes has been a part of many large, upscale projects over the past eight years, including some million-dollar projects that cover entire properties.

“When I think of the coolest project that I have ever done, instantly my mind goes to a project we did in Duncan, Oklahoma,” Boyles said. “We did the entire property. Driveways, retaining walls, kitchens, pool, and outdoor lighting. It was almost a million-dollar job, and we even did paver driveways, which was new for the town of Duncan.”

“We have also had a couple of large projects in Woodward that have been really fun, but the Duncan one was the most time-consuming and challenging. We had to work with 20 feet of elevation change from the patio to the back of the property.”

Shovel used for landscaping

The Best Choice for Your Landscaping Needs

Because he has been with Havenscapes since the very beginning, Boyles knows first-hand why Havenscapes is the primary choice for landscaping needs. Not only do all of the landscape designers have college degrees, a rarity in the world of landscape design companies, they also all have significant construction experience.

“You can trust us to know our plant material and what works and what doesn’t,” said Boyles. “We can do everything from landscape lighting to pergolas to fire features. You don’t have to call anyone else, through us you can have everything you need to have done, done through one company. One phone number to call and that’s it.”

When Boyles isn’t busy working a 14-hour day at Havenscapes, he enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys playing soccer with a team that consists of Havenscapes employees.

For more information on Havenscapes’ services and what their team can do for you, contact us today.