Use Landscape Lighting to Enhance Home Security

Pool landscape lighting

If you’ve ever had guests drive past your house at night because they couldn’t see the house number from the road or felt unsafe walking up to your front door in the dark, your home could probably use some updated landscape lighting. The same premise applies if you enjoy hosting people outdoors in the evening. To maintain visibility and safety, you must properly light your backyard as well. While you may be most interested in the aesthetics, outdoor lighting can add both safety and beauty to your Oklahoma City home or business.

Installing the proper landscape lighting in optimal locations can add an extra level of beauty to your home or yard after the sun sets. It also provides a sense of safety and security both inside and outside your house. Our expert team uses their combined experience to enhance your curb appeal and home security through landscape lighting. How do we do it? Here are some of our top tips for protecting your home with light.

What to Consider When Selecting Landscape Lighting

A variety of factors come into play when choosing a landscape lighting design. Curb appeal is an important part of the equation, but security, comfort, and safety are equally significant. Not all outdoor lighting is created equal. The number and placement of lights, along with their functions, can vary based on the size of your home and landscape. Companies often miss the mark with landscape lighting by using too few fixtures to accomplish too much work.

For example, installing a floodlight over your garage used to be the norm when it came to lighting for both security and utility. Now, we know that you don’t need intensely bright lights to be cover these needs effectively. There are more cost- and energy-effective methods to light a garage or walkway.

Whether you’re installing outdoor lighting to accomplish an aesthetic, security, or utility purpose, there are several tips you should keep in mind.

How Havenscapes Does Outdoor Lighting

Our team of lighting professionals can light your home or business for both safety and aesthetic purposes, providing everything from the latest lighting innovations to traditional outdoor lights. Your safety is our top priority, so we design and install safe LED and low-voltage lighting systems with bulbs built to last up to 15 years.

We keep the following in mind when planning landscape lighting designs:

Although it’s easy to fall in love with outdoor lighting, it’s also common for those lights to attract insects like mosquitos after the sun goes down. This is why we offer an outdoor light fixture that can hold mosquito repellant to keep them away from your landscape as you enjoy your summer nights outdoors.

Our team is ready to help you discover the perfect landscape lighting design to enhance and protect your home. To schedule your free initial consultation, fill out our contact form or call our Edmond office at (405) 418-4880.