Using Efficient Landscaping to Save Money

corporate office building

Did you know that you can have a beautiful, well-kept landscape that boosts your curb appeal and saves you money at the same time? As you are designing your commercial landscape, it’s important to keep efficient landscaping practices in mind to cut the costs of water use, heating and cooling, damage repair, and more.

Conserving Energy by Planting Trees

Planting a lot of green, leafy trees on your business’s landscape will look beautiful to those passing by, but they can also assist you in saving money on air conditioning.

Trees can shade your business from the heat of the day, especially if you plant them on the east and south sides about 20 feet away from the walls of your building. Additionally, planting trees to shade your air conditioning unit can keep the unit cool and working efficiently.

sprinkler on corporate lawn

Cutting Costs with Smart Irrigation

The cost of water can be expensive, especially for a large business. To manage costs and save money on your water bill, have an irrigation technician monitor your irrigation system. Having your irrigation system professionally installed can cut your water costs by up to 20 percent by sensing the levels of moisture in your soil.

Additionally, using smart irrigation can cut the costs of having to regularly replace plants and trees that can be damaged from overwatering in the winter months.

Preventing Damage with Proper Drainage

Proper drainage systems can direct the flow of flood water or heavy rains away from your business, preventing erosion damage, which can be an expensive problem to fix. Proper drainage systems help you save money over time by avoiding potential costly repairs.

All of these landscaping practices can help make cuts to your monthly bills so you can invest more of that money into running your business. Hiring a landscape professional from Havenscapes can assist you in making efficient landscaping changes to your commercial landscape. For more information, contact us today for a consultation.