Top Reasons to Install a Swimming Pool This Summer

beautiful clear water of an inground swimming pool

Imagine beating the heat by taking a few steps out your back door and cannonballing into your personal oasis. Imagine a warm, summer night sitting on the edge of your pool, ice cold drink in hand, with your feet in the water illuminated by a cycling kaleidoscope of lights. Imagine your family playing, laughing, and bonding over a game of chicken or pool volleyball.

If any of these thoughts bring you joy, it sounds like you need a pool of your own.

Still asking yourself if an inground pool is worth it? You’ll be convinced it is after reading these six benefits of having a pool.

It’s Hot!

child in yellow sunglasses enjoying themself at the pool

If you’ve experienced an Oklahoma summer, we don’t need to explain how hot it can get. This summer we’re pushing triple digit temperatures daily. Per the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, it’s rare that Oklahoma goes a year without seeing 100-degree weather. With an inground pool in your backyard, you’re always moments away from sweet relief from the heat.

What about the cooler months? You can still comfortably enjoy an October or March swim with SmartTherm Heaters from our partner company Blue Haven Pools & Spas.

No Public Pool Pains

crowd of people milling about public swimming pool

We’re all coping with the reality of social distancing right now. Your local public pool might be closed because of health and safety concerns. You may have even had concerns about public pools well before coronavirus worries. Public pools can be busy, loud, and leave you with little to no personal space.

With your own inground pool, you control not only the vibes (a lively party or a relaxing cool-off), but also the cleanliness of the water. Blue Haven provides a range of smart features dedicated to keeping your pool clean.

Perfect for Entertaining

happy family jumping into inground swimming pool

Many of us have been working from home this summer. When you work hard from home, you should play hard from home. Elevate your parties and small gatherings by adding “don’t forget a swimsuit!” to your invitations. An inground pool is built-in fun! Wow your guests with features like Blue Haven’s SmartLight® and SmartControls™. SmartLight® illuminates your pool with five fixed color options or seven color-changing light shows. With SmartControls™, you can wirelessly control features of your pool like heat, spa jets, lighting, waterfalls, and more! You can also automate nighttime lighting and schedule pump and filtration cycles to fit your needs.

Health Benefits

person in swim cap lifting weights in the swimming pool

Give your joints a break with a low impact workout in your very own pool. A few laps around your pool beats a sweaty jog around the block any day. Water-based exercise is not only great for your physical health, but your mental health too. A pool workout can boost your mood and decrease anxiety. Swimmers of any age can find benefits in regular water-based exercise. Swimming is a healthy workout for individuals with arthritis, expecting mothers, or anyone who wants to burn some calories without doing a number of their joints!

Create Lasting Family Memories

two parents playing with their child in the swimming pool

Increasing the resale value of your home is great, but the true value comes by enjoying the pool yourself and with your family. Your child’s birthday parties will find new life! For new parents, having your own pool makes teaching your children to swim a breeze. Enjoy cool, relaxing nights with your loved ones with a backdrop of colorful SmartLight LED pool lighting.

It’s Easy!

person lounging on an inflatable raft in a swimming pool

At first, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the planning and maintenance that goes into installing a pool in your backyard. But, don’t fret! Blue Haven takes care of everything. In the initial steps, they will plan and design the layout of your pool and even submit plans and obtain permits from local agencies.

Once installation is complete, it’s time for Pool School! Blue Haven technicians will walk you through operating any equipment as well as pool maintenance. With Blue Haven, an expert is always available to help. So, all you have to do is kick back and float on.

If you’re ready to dive in, give our partner company Blue Haven a call or provide your contact information here. And if you want to landscape around that new pool, look to the experts at Havenscapes to create a beautiful scene to complement your new swimming pool.