Top 5 Plants That Survive in Winter to Boost Your Curb Appeal

pine needles

Planting a garden that thrives year-round can be a challenge, but it is doable. There are many plants that stay colorful even in winter’s coldest months, ensuring that your garden is aesthetically pleasing at all times.

There are many plants that thrive in the winter, and we have collected a list of our top five favorites to show you that just because the temperature has fallen, it’s never too late to create your dream landscape and boost your curb appeal.

Potted Blue Spruce

While it is considered one of the most iconic holiday evergreens, the potted blue spruce is for more than just Christmas. This beautiful tree can be planted at any time, but its beautiful blue-green color lasts through the seasons.

The potted blue spruce needs plenty of sunlight and watering in order to thrive, so there is maintenance involved. When well taken care of, they can grow into large and beautiful trees.

English Boxwood

The English boxwood is a beautiful yellow and green shrub that stays small and grows slow – perfect for growth in small areas and gardens. The shrub reaches a maximum size of 2 feet tall and wide.

English boxwood shrubs require sunlight and watering at least twice per week in order to thrive.

pine tree

Japanese Yew

This wreath-like plant is a bold evergreen color that is typically grown in North America or Eastern Asia. This plant can survive even the harshest of winters and lowest of temperatures.

The Japanese yew is drought-resistant and thrives in full and partial sunlight. When it thrives, it can grow to reach a whopping 50 feet in height.

Thread-Branch Cypress

Thread-branch cypress has a unique, bright green-yellow coloring and a light plant texture, so it is typically used as a statement plant in winter gardens. This plant needs full sunlight, and folds downward as it grows, covering a lot of space.

Thread-branch cypress, when well taken care of, can grow to a full size of six by eight feet tall.

Winter Jasmine

If you are looking to add a flower to your landscape in the winter, winter jasmine brings beautiful yellow blooms even in cooler months. Blooming in January and technically a shrub, winter jasmine grows best in gardens and on retaining walls.

Winter jasmine grows best in well-drained soil and full sunlight, and prefers weekly watering.

It’s never too late in the season to boost your curb appeal. For more information on how to perfect your landscape at any time of the year, view our Landscape Design page and book a consultation with us.