Tips for Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Maintenance

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The colder weather is here, and that means it’s time to put your outdoor fireplace or fire pit to good use. But, remember to make sure your fireplace or fire pit has been properly maintained so you’ll have a safe and cozy place to warm up outside.

Here are some tips to help ensure you can safely use your landscaping fire features — even on the coldest winter day.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Tips

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Many homeowners take the maintenance of the indoor fireplace seriously but forget the importance of taking care of their outdoor fireplace as well. To get the longest life and best performance from you gas fireplace, follow these simple maintenance steps.

• Before cleaning a gas fireplace, ensure the gas is turned off.

• Check your fireplace’s exhaust fan (if present) to make sure it’s functioning properly.

• Make sure your ventilation system is operating properly at all times. If not, have it inspected by a professional and make repairs if necessary.

• Clean fake logs with a soft-bristled brush to remove soot and ash.

• To keep burners free of soot, clean them with a cloth or soft-bristle brush. Always follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure you don’t void your warranty.

• It is recommended you have your fireplace inspected by a professional at least once a year.

Wood Burning Fireplace Cleaning Tips

Wood Burning Fire Pit Cleaning Tips

There are a few more things to consider when preparing your wood burning outdoor fireplace for cold-weather use. It’s not complicated, but it is important for safety and long life of your fireplace. Here are some basic maintenance steps to consider.

• Keep the fireplace bricks free of weeds and grass since plant roots can cause damage if they get into natural cracks in the stone.

• Remove built-up ash from the fireplace.

• Use a broom or outdoor wet-dry vacuum to clean debris, soot, and leaves from the fireplace.

• Use a brush and warm, soapy water to thoroughly clean the fireplace inside and out.

• Use creosote sweeping logs that can help loosen creosote buildup.

• The fireplace chimney and flu should be cleaned and maintained by a professional chimney sweep or contractor to prevent possible fire hazards.

Gas Fire Pit Cleaning Tips

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Permanent pit installations serve as beautiful focal points in any yard. While they are very durable and can typically handle year-round weather conditions without much maintenance, they still require occasional cleaning. These tips will help you make sure your gas fire pit is ready for extended use.

• Close the gas valve on the fire pit or shut off the gas line before cleaning.

• Remove debris, rocks, and leaves from the burner pan.

• Make sure the drains and vents aren’t clogged and there aren’t any bugs.

• Don’t put out the fire with water since the sudden change in the fire pit temperature can cause breakage and deteriorate the metal.

• A good way to keep your fire pit in good working order is to cover it when it’s not in use, making sure it has completely cooled before covering.

Wood Burning Fire Pit Cleaning Tips

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That famous campfire smell is one of the reasons we love wood-burning fire pits so much, but the leftover ashes can make a mess. Part of your fire pit maintenance should include regular cleaning after each fire. The following steps are recommended for routine care and seasonal maintenance.

• Remove any ashes and brush away debris. Because ashes are acidic, shoveling ashes from the pit regularly is important for preventing long-term damage to fire pits.

• If residue buildup is an issue, masonry fire pits may be cleaned using a solution of one part muriatic acid to nine parts water to scrub the interior.

• When in use, flames should be allowed to subside naturally.

• Putting out the fire by pouring water on it can cause rapid temperature shifts, which may crack or otherwise damage the pit.

• Dry, split wood is recommended. Burning trash or pressure treated wood can release harmful toxins that are unhealthy to breathe and can damage pit surfaces.

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