The Importance of Pollinators: A Guide to Oklahoma’s Native Pollinators


Did you know that more than 1,300 plants are grown around the world for food, drink, medicine, and fabric? Of these plants, more than 75 percent are pollinated by animals known as pollinators.

However, many pollinators are in danger of extinction, so it is vital to recognize what animals are pollinators and plan your garden to attract them. This will not only be good for your landscape but other surrounding landscapes as well.

The Global Impact of Pollinators

Because 75 percent of the 1,300 plants we use to eat, drink, and more are pollinated by pollinators, the impact that these creatures have on the earth is great. Over half of the dietary oils and fats we consume worldwide come from plants pollinated by pollinators, and one of every three foods or drinks we consume are affected by a pollinator.

In the U.S. alone, bees produce $40 billion worth of product per year due to pollination. However, factors such as increased land use have endangered many pollinators – so recognizing local pollinators and attracting them is important to their lifespan.

Common Oklahoma Pollinators:

Oklahoma Plants for Pollinators:

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