The Best Time to Landscape Your Property

image of two wooden chairs in a landscaped garden park | Havenscapes

The best time to landscape your property is in the fall — early fall to be more specific.

Why? Factors of a healthy landscaping environment are temperature, soil conditions, and root stability. The fall climate lends itself to all of these elements. Plan for a landscape that thrives year-round and gives you an evolving, seasonal atmosphere.

Are you planning to tackle an outdoor project during prime landscaping season? We’ve got you covered with some recommendations on how to fill out your fall scenery.

Why Is Fall the Best Time to Landscape?

The cooler temperatures are gentler on your plants, but the soil isn’t too cool to the point where roots can’t actively grow. For many plants, temperatures above 85 degrees can cause water loss and result in drooping. In Oklahoma, September sees an average temperature between 83 and 87 degrees during the day with nights dipping to the 60s. The state also still sees plenty of sunshine and rain in the fall to provide your new plants with the nutrients they need to live.

Landscaping in the fall allows for your plants to be healthier, more stable, and longer-lasting. Root growth in the first year of a plant’s life is essential to its long-term health and stability. Moisture levels during the early fall months make an ideal environment for establishing a plant’s root system.

If you plan to add fertilizer or soil amendments like compost and organic materials, the temperature makes fall the best time to do this. It allows for the amendments to break down and disperse more efficiently.

Spring can also be a good time to begin your landscaping. But, be cautious of frosty spring mornings as the season transitions from winter to spring. Frost can have a big impact on a plant’s early life.

Best Plants to Landscape with in the Fall

The conditions are right. But, what plants should you select to begin your fall landscaping endeavor? Here are a few recommendations from us.

“Red Jewel” Helenium

image of red jewel helenium | Havenscapes

Also known as sneezeweed, this will add a festive color to your landscaping. Don’t let the name deter you. The origins of the common name come from its former use of this helenium’s dried leaves in making snuff, which was once believed to rid the body of evil spirits. But, a garden of living sneezeweed won’t leave you wiping your nose.

This perennial’s ideal season for planting is late summer to fall.


image of leadworts plant | Havenscapes

Complement the “Red Jewel” Helenium’s festive fall color with these vibrant perennials. While they’re normally a shade of blue-violet, in the fall, they turn a bright rosy pink. They’re perfect for filling out your ground cover. And you may even attract some butterflies!

Leadworts bloom best in the late summer and fall.

Pagoda Dogwood

image of pagoda dogwood | Havenscapes

If you’re looking for a large centerpiece in your landscaping, plan for a four season garden with a pagoda dogwood. Throughout the year, this shrub will take on different colors and patterns with seasonal changes. In the spring, you’ll see branches full of bright, white flowers. For summer, the pagoda dogwood is full of vibrant green leaves. You’ll see classic fall foliage colors in the autumn months. And, in winter, its branches catch snow in a very winter village toy-set fashion.

image of cornucopia of pumpkins and squash in harvest basket | Havenscapes

Once you’ve installed your fall landscaping, toss in some pumpkins, decorative squash, hay bales, or maybe even a Halloween ghost. You can kick off the holiday season knowing you have a healthy, stable collection of plant life in your yard.

Are you prepared for a fall landscaping installation? We can help. At Havenscapes, we can provide you with consultation, preparation, and installation of your home’s landscaping. All of our services are done in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. In addition, we can complete your outdoor area with things like patios, pools, lighting, walkways, and more.

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