Small Trees For Landscaping

When landscaping, trees come in all shapes and sizes. Each type of tree has a purpose when designing your landscape. Big trees are used for privacy and shade. Small trees are used to fit in tight spaces.

Small trees are known to stand under 30 feet when mature. They require little maintenance and bring life to any space. Here are several types of trees that work best for any size lawn.

Small Evergreen Trees for Landscaping

Evergreen trees are a favorite amongst many homeowners looking to upgrade their landscaping. Their short compact size makes them small in stature, and their rich green color gives you color and texture throughout the full year. Due to their compact form, they provide ideal privacy screening.

Roots and branches from evergreen trees aren’t a mess, making them easy to plant. During the winter, they provide shelter for many birds and pine cones for food. This is the perfect tree for low maintenance all year round.

Small Weeping Trees for Landscaping

Weeping trees provide grace and elegance. Their compact shape allows them to be planted in small areas. Instead of extending out, their branches droop down allowing more space for other plants. These are also known as a specimen tree, a focal point amongst other plants in the surrounding space.

Examples of weeping trees include junipers, spruces, and cedar trees.

Small Decorative Trees for Landscaping

Decorative trees provide flowering, shapes, and color changes. Also known as ornamental trees, these decorative options provide shade, focal point, or enhance an entryway. Perfect for small areas, these trees add color and invite wildlife.

Examples of decorative trees include viburnums, late lilacs, and winged euonymus. Maintenance is needed to keep the trees looking vibrant year-round. Pruning is a must to keep them properly maintained.

Small Trees for Front Lawn Landscaping

Decorative trees boost curb appeal, bearing flowers and fruit in the spring and displaying foliage changes in the fall. Ornamental trees, such as crabapple, weeping cherry, saucer magnolia, fit nicely.

Small trees are a versatile option when designing a landscape. They can provide privacy and shade regardless of space. For more information about trees, check out our Oklahoma tree guide. Speak with one of our expert designers to learn more about how we can design your landscape.The Havenscapes design experts are ready to help you plan for all your landscape challenges. Contact us or call our Edmond office at (405) 418-4880 to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation.