Pruning Plants by Season in Oklahoma

The sky is getting a little darker, the weather is getting cooler, and the leaves are changing colors – but does cooler weather mean you get a vacation from taking care of your plants? Of course not! Plant care needs to happen throughout the year, and pruning must be done at certain times of the year in order to ensure maximum flowers and fruit.

To prune your plants, you must remove certain parts of the plant – such as branches, buds, or roots. This practice helps spur healthy regrowth. Do you have plants that need to be pruned this winter in preparation for spring? See what types of plants need to be pruned, season by season:


Winter is a good time to remove damaged and dead limbs from your plants and trees. If there are any potentially hazardous limbs, those should be pruned as well. Use caution, and call a professional if necessary.

Plants to prune in the winter:


Grasses should be cut close to the ground in the spring, and perennials should be cut back 4”. Evergreens should be pruned of dead or damaged foliage from the winter, and flowers should be removed from damaged stems.

Plants to prune in the spring:


In the summer, shrubs should be shaped and thinned. Flowers should be pruned for size control, but only in the early summer. Because flowers form buds for the next year during the summer, pruning them too late can cut off the flower buds, hurting potential growth for the next year.

Plants to prune in the summer:


In the fall, removing flowers as they start to fade from the cooler weather can extend the flowering period of your plants. Fall is the ideal time to mulch your garden for upcoming growth in the spring. Different mulches are better for different types of plants, especially in Oklahoma weather. Check out our list of Oklahoma mulch types to find which type of mulch is the best fit for your garden.

Plants to prune in the fall:

It’s important to care for your landscape and garden all year long. Contact us to book a consultation and let us help you keep your landscape beautiful in every season.