Protecting Your Garden During a Storm

rain on a plant

While gardens love the rain, storm season can sometimes cause more harm than good for your plants. Making a plan to protect your garden from severe storms can save your plants and save you money in repairing damages.

To help you better protect your garden in summer storms, we have created some of our best tips for ensuring that your garden will stay safe during rough weather.

Before the Storm

There are many precautions you can take before a storm begins to ensure that your plants will make it through the rough weather.

Remove any damaged limbs

Removing any damaged or dead shoots or limbs can help reduce the risk of your limbs snapping or tangling during the storm.

Create proper drainage

To avoid the risk of your plants drowning in the storm, make sure there are runoff slopes that move away from your garden, moving the water into a different place.

Provide support for taller plants

Strong winds and large quantities of rain can harm your tall plants. Using a metal or wooden support for your plants can help them stay upright and prevent snapping once the weather gets rough.

Flip compost

In order to keep your compost fresh and moist, flip it to ensure that even the compost at the bottom of the pile stays full of nutrients for your plants.

Protect delicate plants

In order for your delicate plants to not be pummeled by the rain, use a waterproof cover to protect them. This can keep them safe and dry when the rain or hail is coming down hard.

Green grass

After the Storm

Check your planters

Because your planters are the mostly likely to overflow during heavy rain, it’s important to check for overflow after the rain and pour some water out if necessary.

Check your roots

Make sure there are no roots exposed from the ground after the storm. If you see some, be sure to cover with more dirt once the rain passes.

Pull up weeds

Because the soil becomes loose after the rain, if you pull weeds after a storm, you are more likely to remove the whole root, preventing more weed growth after it has been pulled.
For more information on proper landscape care before or after a storm, contact us today.