Professional Landscaping Can Boost Your Property’s Value

a home in the background with professional landscaping featured, including a patterned walkway and colorful flowers leading to the house

Real estate professionals estimate that a well-landscaped property may increase the value of your home by as much as 15%. It’s one of the few home improvements that not only adds value now, but also increases in value as the years go by.

But, there’s more to landscaping than sticking some flowers and a couple shrubs in the ground. Experts say the No. 1 thing buyers want in landscaping is a manicured design. Close behind is plant size and maturity.

Architectural additions such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pavilions, fireplaces, and fire pits can add even more value.

Curb appeal matters

Who hasn’t heard about the value of curb appeal? Every home and garden TV show stresses it. Every real estate agent preaches it. It’s a fact that most homebuyers are more excited about touring a home that looks inviting on the outside than one that is sad and dreary. Manicured landscaping is a big part of the appeal.

Researchers conducted a seven-state survey of attendees at consumer home and garden shows to find out what kind of landscape consumers thought improved the value of a home.

Survey results supported the notion that relatively large landscape expenditures significantly increase perceived home value and result in a higher selling price than homes with minimal landscaping.

The overall survey conclusion was that design sophistication was the highest ranked factor that added to the perceived value of a home. Thus, investing in the services of a landscape design professional will optimize the value of a home. In contrast to many home improvements, the value of an investment in a landscape improvement increases over time since the growth and maturity of trees and shrubs enhance aesthetic appeal.

DIY or Professional?

a professional landscaper’s leg shown in the background as grass is unrolled in the foreground

Landscaping seems simple. It’s just planting, right? Digging a hole can’t be that hard, can it? Well, it may seem easy, but landscaping is much more complicated than you would think. Plants grow differently at different times of the year.

When they are planted can affect the life of the plants. Climate is also something to consider. Dry, wet, hot, cold, all seasons, or the same temperature all year?

Certain plants will only grow in some climates. You may have your heart set on growing a beautiful cactus tree in your front yard; however, if your drainage isn’t right, your plant won’t make it past a couple weeks. These are all things to consider. An expert has this information at hand.

The biggest mistake do-it-yourself landscapers make is not having a coherent plan. They decide to put a tree in, and then a few years later add some flower beds, then maybe put in some shrubs and another tree. A landscape that’s assembled piecemeal looks disorganized, and that turns buyers off.

Pros Have a Plan

The DIY option is almost always motivated by price. Everyone thinks doing it yourself is cheaper. However, the expense should include more than just the plants. You will need the proper tools to create a cohesive design. Those two things combined may cost more than you expected. In addition, any mistakes in the design could be costly.

A good landscape design has a great impact to a home. It increases the value of a property and allows you to do outdoor activities. But landscaping isn’t as simple as you think it is. If you hire a landscaper, you are ensured of the quality of the work.

Local landscapers know what plants, irrigation systems, and water strategies will work for your area.

It might appear like you were just playing with your landscape if there isn’t good planning and proper landscape execution. Landscapers also have that technique to keep mess to a minimum and remove whatever disruptions that exist.

It’s More Than Plants

lush green grass surrounding professional landscaping that includes colorful flowers, bushes, and trees

While selecting the right plants and where to locate them is a big part of proper landscaping, that’s just the beginning of what a professional landscape company can do for your property. Strategically placed plants may add much to your outdoor experience, but there are many more options offered by professional landscapers.

Our landscape design process includes a thorough review of your wants and needs. Then we put together a site analysis and take measurements; create a preliminary drawing for your review; and finally, we create a master plan.

Our goal is to create sustainable, environmentally friendly landscape design. We choose alternative irrigation techniques to reduce evaporation, water runoff, and overall water waste. You will never see our systems watering the yard when it’s raining outside.

Consider how you can extend your outdoor living space with features like pergolas or pavilions. Extend your use into cooler months with fireplaces or fire pits. Be the focal point for family and friends with an outdoor kitchen. All of these can be yours when you use a professional landscape company.

When a customer decides to hire us for landscape design and installation, the same landscape designer manages the project from start to finish. To schedule your free, no-pressure consultation, contact us or call our Edmond, Oklahoma, office at (405) 418-4880.