Outdoor Lighting to Repel Mosquitos

Pool surrounded with outdoor lighting fixtures

Although it’s easy to fall in love with outdoor lighting, it’s also common for those lights to attract insects like mosquitos after the sun goes down. Fortunately, Havenscapes installs outdoor lighting made to repel mosquitos and keep them away from your landscape as you enjoy your summer nights outdoors.

How Do Mosquito-Repelling Lights Work?

Two main types of products dominate the market in this area: mosquito-repelling lights and zapper lights. However, it’s important to note mosquito-repelling lights and bug zapper lights are two different products – mosquito repelling lights do not actually kill the mosquitos, they simply keep them away from your landscape.

Mosquito-Repelling lights work by emitting light at a wavelength mosquitos cannot see. Mosquitos can only see a certain range of light wavelengths, and they are attracted to the ones they can see right away. Mosquito-repelling lights go undetected by mosquitos, so they will naturally gravitate elsewhere – away from you and your guests.


Benefits of Mosquito-Repelling Lights

Besides repelling mosquitos, these lights also offer a myriad of other benefits to your outdoor experience. One of their best benefits is that they allow you to illuminate and decorate your yard in the same way that you could with standard outdoor lights, but with the added benefit of fewer insects.

Simple to Use: Mosquito-repelling lights do not need to be filled with oils, and do not create smoke or make noises. There is no need for tedious upkeep to achieve results.

Silent: Mosquito-repelling lights do not make noise, so they will not distract from any outdoor conversations. Additionally, they are odorless so they will not inconvenience guests.

Safe: These lights will not harm plants, grass, or surrounding shrubs, so your garden will stay intact and mosquito-free.

When mosquitos are attracted to your outdoor lights, it’s a nuisance not enjoyable for anyone. Mosquito-repelling lights can help alleviate this issue. Contact our outdoor lighting experts for questions on installations.