Outdoor Kitchens - Why Choose a Kamado Grill?

Red Kamado Joe Grill - Havenscapes OKC

Based on an ancient Japanese cooker, the unusually-shaped kamado is a popular backyard grilling appliance. These heavy grills, made from ceramic, terra cotta, cement or other insulating materials, hold in heat extremely well, making it possible to get a long-lasting, consistent fire under your food.

Kamados often have a round cross-section, and often resemble an egg standing on its narrow end.

What Are The Advantages?

A kamado’s thick insulation makes it perfect for long cook times at low temperatures. Where the kamado really shines though, is in high-temperature cooking. The material can hold a consistent temperature much longer than your average thin-walled grill, and do so far more safely.

A typical grill made of sheet metal dissipates heat through its metal body, making the walls dangerously hot to touch.  The thickness and heft of a kamado keeps the outside from becoming dangerously hot (though it will get quite warm) while enabling the inside to reach searing temperatures.

The real joy of owning a kamado grill is its versatility. Want to cook a pizza? Your kamado can do that. Need to smoke a brisket? It’ll do that, too. And if you’re looking for that perfect sear on a medium-rare steak, your kamado has that covered.

The last great advantage of a kamado is that its incredible insulation makes it invulnerable to inclement weather. If you can go outside, you can grill. Cold weather won’t bring down the temperature of your grill, and the tight seal between the body and the lid will keep out the elements.

What Do I Need To Know?

There is a definite learning curve to using a kamado, though it’s not a steep one. The days of constantly tending your fire are over, since your kamado will hold its temperature for a long time. While the fire doesn’t need to be tended, the grill area does need to be watched and standard precautions (fire extinguishers, heat-resistant gloves, etc.) should be followed.

Some new users find that they tend to build their fire too hot, since the temperature fall-off they’re used to is no longer an issue.

While the exterior of a kamado is cooler than the surface of a conventional grill, it’s recommended that you avoid any prolonged contact, and you not touch the metal straps or other metal parts. These can still get very hot.

A kamado can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen space. We’re proud to offer the complete Kamado Joe lineup of grills. Call us today to take a look at the options.