Oklahoma Winter Lawn Care Tips

Grass with ice covering it in the winter

Oklahoma winter lawn care can be tricky since our weather is constantly changing, but there are several ways to take care of your lawn and make sure it doesn’t suffer in the winter months.

It’s easy to “forget” about lawn care in the winter months. By following these simple lawn care tips, your lawn is sure to be glowing and healthy once it goes green again in the springtime.

Don’t Forget to Fertilize!

Fertilizing your lawn before the first freeze of the season is essential to nourishing your grass for healthy regrowth later on. Once it freezes, the soil will still be full of nutrients from the fertilizer and can feed your grass for the entire winter season.

If you have cool-season grasses, such as Bermuda, bluegrass, or fescue – October to November is the best time to fertilize in order to keep them lush in the spring.

Winter Lawn Mowing Preparation

While you don’t need to mow your lawn in the winter months, there are a few mowing techniques to use before the summer ends to prepare your lawn for the long winter ahead.

It’s good practice to lower the cutting base of your mower each time you mow at the end of the summer and into fall so that by the time you are finished mowing for the season, your grass is short. Leaving your grass long in the winter can attract mice and other outdoor creatures while keeping your lawn shorter can help protect new growth for the following season.

Frozen winter leaves laying on grass

Tidying Up Your Autumn Lawn

In the fall, raking up your leaves can prevent moldy wet spots in your yard. Try not to walk on the grass either in autumn, because it can cause damage to your yard and kill the remaining grass.

Of all of the precautions to take before the first freeze, these three are the most important to remember:

● Aerate before the first freeze
● Fertilize before the first freeze
● Mow short by the end of summer

If you take care of your lawn in the cooler months by following these instructions, you are sure to have a lush, green lawn come springtime. For more information on landscape design and caring for your landscape, contact us today.