Oklahoma Flower Guide

Spring is finally here and flowers are starting to bloom across Oklahoma. There are few sights more beautiful than a garden full of flowers, so we have compiled our list of the best times of year for flowers to bloom in Oklahoma to help you plan your perfect spring garden.

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Flowers that bloom in March include:

In March, flowers like tulips and peonies will begin to bloom. They typically need to be planted in the fall months to ensure that they will bloom by March. Tulips should be planted in an area where they can grow under the full afternoon sun. Unlike many flowers, tulips don’t like excessive moisture, so they can’t thrive in rainy areas, near irrigation systems, or places with wet soil.

Peonies are known as the “Queen of Perennials” because they are one of the easiest to grow in the spring. They can grow in many different kinds of soils and can last for years. Peonies grow best in full sun, and do not require much watering.



Flowers that bloom in April include:

April is the month for sunflowers and mums. Sunflowers can begin growing indoors for an early start; however, they can also be grown outdoors just after the last spring frost. When the soil temperature reaches 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, they are safe to plant and will ensure a long growing season.

Mums require at least six hours of sun a day to thrive. Make sure not to plant mums in an area with heavy Oklahoma clay, because their roots will not be able to grow through it. Mums also require about an inch of water per week once flowered.

Indian Paintbrush


Flowers that boom in May include:

In Oklahoma, May is when the weather really starts to heat up. The flowers that bloom most at this time of year are Indian paintbrushes and roses. Rose bushes must not be placed directly next to each other, and they should be planted in a rich soil. Using composts to make soil richer can improve the flowering of your roses, according to the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

Indian paintbrushes, the beautiful wildflowers that frequently bloom in Oklahoma, grow best in clear, raked areas and require at least six hours of sunlight a day. They grow quickly; and don’t have to be watered constantly. They are a beautiful, low maintenance, Oklahoma summer flower.

Oklahoma is a great place to grow a garden, and there are so many flower and plant options to choose from. You can learn more on our blog, “Choosing Plants for Central Oklahoma,” or you can contact us today.