Landscaping Costs to Consider After Purchasing a Pool

Swimming pool with waterfall

A new pool can be an exciting addition to your landscape. Not only is it important to consider the costs of purchasing and maintaining a pool, it’s equally important to consider the costs of the decking and landscaping around your new pool as well.

At Havenscapes and our sister company, Blue Haven Pools & Spas, we strive to ensure our customers are educated on the long-term prices of pool ownership and pool landscaping. There are many high-priority landscaping projects that should be completed when the pool is installed, and we highly recommend a few additional projects to ensure your pool is safe and that you get the most out of your summer landscape.

Pool Landscaping Musts:

Dirt Hauling

Digging a pool will accumulate large amounts of dirt onto your landscape, which will need to be hauled before any further landscape construction.

New Grass

Once the pool has been dug into the ground and installed, new grass must be planted around the deck area over the dirt from construction. While planting grass seed is the lower-cost option, rolling sod has the quickest results.


The deck you install around your pool can vary depending on the type of pool you have. For an inground pool, a concrete deck is a fitting choice, but for an above-ground pool, a wood deck will need to be built.

Landscape Design

Landscape design will complete your new backyard oasis. Whether it’s hardscaping to surround your pool or customized gardens surrounding the deck, landscape design is the icing on the cake of a perfect pool area.

Outdoor lighting

A pool should be enjoyed during the day and at night. However, it takes more than just a pool light to enjoy a swim after dark. Outdoor lighting surrounding your deck ensures your pool and landscape will be visible even on the darkest nights, keeping it safe for swimming at all times. As a bonus, the illuminated landscape makes a beautiful addition.

Pool surrounded with outdoor lighting fixtures

How much will my landscaping cost?

The cost of landscaping after building your pool depends on several variables.

Soil Conditions

The construction process of your pool and surrounding landscape can be affected by the soil conditions, and can sometimes require additional work. Soil testing can determine the density, hardness, and contents of your soil and whether or not additional work must be done.

Land Slope

The slope of your yard affects the construction process of your pool, deck, and surrounding landscape. Havenscapes can determine the slope of your yard as well as make any adjustments needed in order to begin pool construction or landscape post-construction.

Irrigation Systems

Some landscape projects are not an option if certain irrigation systems are installed prior to the project. Havenscapes can either remove or add a new irrigation system around the pool landscape.


If your pool already is fenced in, it will limit the types of landscape design which can be done in the area, but there are still many available project options. If your pool is not already fenced in, Havenscapes can customize the landscaping area surrounding the pool before a fence is added.

An outdoor kitchen next to a pool

Additional Custom Projects to Consider:

Outdoor Fireplace

Perfect for after a night swim, outdoor fireplaces are a great addition to any summer (and winter) landscape.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is the best way to host large groups for a poolside cookout. Grill some burgers on a Kamado grill, and impress your guests with the perfect summer cookout.


A pergola can make a beautiful addition to any poolside landscape. You can place patio furniture under it to escape the sun and relax outside, and plant flowers on it to add some color to your patio.

While it can be difficult to navigate the true cost of pre- and post-pool installation landscaping, working with a landscaper you can trust and depend on can lessen the financial burden, and ensure all landscaping tasks are performed at the highest quality.

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