Landscape Design: 3 ways a water feature makes your yard livelier

Stunning waterfall and pool design from Havenscapes Landscape company - OKC
From the rushing of the ocean waves, or the thundering power of a waterfall, humans have long had a love affair with moving water. In Oklahoma, natural water formations tend toward ponds and creeks, but even small bodies of water can bring a sense of delight.

How do you incorporate a babbling brook or powerful waterfall into your back yard? Here are three ways incorporating a water feature into your landscape design will elevate your landscape.


Maria von Trapp had it right when she sang “to laugh like a brook as it trips and falls over stones on its way” – the sound of moving water has a soothing ability like no other. The sounds your water feature makes will help mask typical “city” sounds, and make your outdoor space feel more “away from it all”. We believe firmly in creating an outdoor haven for rest and relaxation, and the sound of a water feature will instantly transport you to a more Zen place.

Woman under a water feature - Havenscapes OKCSight

A water feature is an easy way to create visual drama in your landscape. Flowing water creates sinuous curves, and waterfalls and fountains punctuate the scene. Water features can also reflect your personal style – are you looking for a natural, rustic outdoor scene, or do you prefer a more structured, modern approach? We can design the perfect water feature, no matter what your aesthetic.


If you’re incorporating a pool into your back yard, a thundering waterfall is both a great visual, and a fun kinetic experience. Playing in or sitting under a manmade waterfall is a unique experience, and adds to the feeling that you’re living in your own personal oasis.

No matter what you’re looking for in a water feature, we’re happy to help. Our landscape design team is fully qualified, and eager to design you your ideal haven.