How to Use Landscape Lighting to Boost Your Yard’s Look and Appeal

small solar garden

You’ve done everything to make your house and yard look first-rate. So why allow the beauty to disappear at nightfall when outdoor lighting can put it all on display? Done right, landscape lighting makes the best of what you’ve got by highlighting your home’s architecture and its landscaping.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can provide at least four benefits that beautify and extend the use of your outdoor space. It has aesthetic value. It provides functional nighttime space. It offers safety of movement. It provides additional security.

Achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for with lighting. Bring your home’s best features to life by creating a dramatic effect with shadowing or illuminating paths and entryways. You can choose from a variety of lighting options to find the look that’s best for your space.

Create functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks, or patios with the right light. A wide selection of fixtures and color temperatures allow you to create unique lighting effects, while different applications and timers give you easy control at your fingertips.

Besides adding curb appeal to your home, landscape lighting gives off essential illumination for nighttime navigation and helps ensure safe passage around decks, patios, and entryways.

Landscape lighting works to provide additional security at night. The right lighting system can illuminate a home’s dimly lit spots making for a well-lit outdoor space.

Landscape Lighting Techniques

paved walkway lined with mulch and light posts

Use of light and shadows on walls and landscaping can create a beautiful scene. Multiple techniques can help create the effect you’re look for.

Wall-wash lighting highlights textures, shapes, and height differences, adding depth and ambiance to objects. Grazing adds depth and dimension to stucco, brick, stonework, or architectural features. Silhouette lighting draws attention to an interesting shape by lighting a vertical surface behind the object to accent that unique shape. Hardscape lighting can highlight stone features, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails, benches, and more. In-ground lighting can be used to illuminate sidewalks, large mature trees, walls, and flagpoles.

Lighting pathways, walkways, and garden edges is both functional and appealing, making walking safer and beautiful. Depending on your landscape, you may use different lighting techniques.

Cacti, grasses, and the stone used in drought-resistant gardens benefit from lower light than traditional landscaping. Use path and spread lighting to illuminate sidewalks, stone paths, and lawn walkways while adding a hint of intrigue to boulders and plant beds. Proper lighting can accentuate the beauty and details of decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails, and other vertical features.

Professional Landscape Lighting

green lawn with trees, a paved walkway, and glowing light posts

The lighting of your patio or deck should be installed to complement the entire landscape and blend well with the architecture of your home, as well as the seasonally changing foliage outside. Lighting for your outdoor living spaces should be designed so it doesn’t overshadow your landscaping. It can provide the perfect balance between hardscapes, such as decks and pool areas, landscaping and your home itself.

Carefully chosen and placed landscape lighting adds atmosphere and beauty to your garden after dark and helps you make better use of your outdoor spaces. It also provides security and safety to you and your family. We can create a balanced outdoor lighting design that brings out the beauty of your landscape even after the sun goes down.

We have everything from the latest lighting innovations to traditional outdoor lights. We can light your home or business for both safety and aesthetic accent. Our outdoor lighting specialists design and professionally install safe LED and low-voltage lighting systems. We are the No. 1 contractor for Kichler landscape lights in Oklahoma.

Our OKC landscaping lighting designers will help you select the outdoor lighting fixtures to best suit your needs and will discuss placement with you during your free initial consultation. To schedule your no-pressure consultation, contact us or call our Edmond office at (405) 418-4880.