How Installing an Outdoor Kitchen Can Transform Your Backyard

High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen, gas barbecue and dining table set for entertaining guests with formal place settings and flowers on a paved patio

Love backyard grilling, but want more from the experience? Want space to prep and serve those steaks and burgers? Space for your family and maybe the neighbors too? An outdoor kitchen could be the perfect solution. It can provide that extra space for entertaining and enhance your overall backyard appeal.

It’s More Than a Grill

Backyard kitchens are more than just a grilling station. They can be tailored to your wishes, and they expand your living space into the outdoors. They can be equipped with an outdoor stove with multiple burners, propane or charcoal barbecue grills, smokers, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and sinks.

Maybe you want a wine refrigerator or a warming drawer. Outdoor kitchens can include about anything you can put in your indoor kitchen. From appliances to lighting to patio structures, there are many options to make your outdoor kitchen stand out.

Consider including built-in seating and gathering areas, maybe a bar as well. There are all kinds of options for your outdoor kitchen’s facing, including stone, stucco and more. The layout and setup of your outdoor kitchen can complement your backyard landscaping, whether it’s on the patio or poolside.

Oklahoma’s climate lends itself to a long grilling and outdoor living season, which means your backyard can be the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family. With a custom-built outdoor kitchen, your backyard may become the place to be in your neighborhood.

Perfect for Entertaining

Brick patio with gas BBQ in an outdoor kitchen and dining seating under a striped umbrella surrounded by a neat wrought iron fence

Imagine, a chef’s paradise in your own backyard. Entertain your friends and family in style with an outdoor kitchen. Whip up your favorite dishes, grill a steak or do the perfect burger in your outdoor haven.

If you entertain a lot and want to spend time outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect place for you. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can help you spend time outdoors, cooking and serving food even as you spend time entertaining family and friends.

To make it easier for entertaining, the outdoor kitchen should have at least some storage facility. Store basic ingredients, cutlery, and plates in the outdoor kitchen, saving multiple trips back to the main kitchen for essential items.

You can fix permanent seating close to the outdoor kitchen in the form of wooden or wrought iron benches and tables, or use stackable, movable chairs and tables. The permanent benches and tables will mean less work when you host a gathering as you do not have to arrange tables and chairs.

Relax, cook, and entertain in style, no matter the season. With proper coverage and preparation, your outdoor kitchen can be enjoyed year-round.

Pergolas Can Extend Use

pergola covering a dining table and chairs

Pergolas and gazebos are great backyard additions to enhance your outdoor kitchen and extend its use. A pergola can make extra shade for your grill and outdoor seating. A gazebo can be a great addition if you have a lot of space in your yard.

Wood is a popular choice for pergola design. Make sure your pergola or gazebo is made from rot-resistant materials, like cedar or mahogany. Also, it’s important that fasteners are also designed to withstand Oklahoma storms.

There are many types of cedar, but western red cedar is known as the best choice to stand up to the elements. It naturally repels water and resists decay while being strong enough to stand up to strong winds. This durability also prevents it from warping as easily as other types of wood.

The natural oils in cedar help the wood repel fungus, many flying insects, and termites. While the smell of the oil is pleasant to humans, it warns insects of its toxicity. This is an environmentally friendly solution to bug repellent.

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