Guide For Planting Trees In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is home to a wide range of trees. With a diverse population of trees, Oklahoma has over 2,000 different species of trees according to Hunker. With unique features to each one, they paint a beautiful landscape across the state.

Trees serve an essential role in Oklahoma. They provide shade during the hot summer months. When the weather picks up, they’re a barrier against the wind and allow the soil to grow crops peacefully.

Trees can be picky when it comes to growing. Some need more shade or a higher PH level in the soil. Before planting, we rounded up some tips and useful information so your trees can thrive in the perfect environment.

Trees For Dry Locations

Despite their preference for dry locations, these trees will require frequent irrigation when first planted. After they have fully grown, they prefer dry sites. Mulching will also help strengthen the tree’s tolerance to dry soils.

Trees For Wet Locations

These trees prefer limited irrigation or flooding. Most of these trees won’t survive if their roots are submerged for long periods of time.

Trees Around Pergolas

We like to stay away from trees with strong root systems as they can damage structures. Instead, we plant trees with fibrous root systems next to structures. Fibrous roots are thin and don’t spread out like your typical tree. 

“Wisteria may be pretty, but we have seen it destroy pergolas. Once it has solid roots, it grows rapidly and can strangle structures,” Havenscapes general manager Nathan Boyles says.

Wildlife Friendly

Some species of trees are also appreciated by wildlife because of the fruit they bear. Plant these types of trees to watch various animals and birds flock to your area.

Trees For The Shade

Not all trees need direct sunlight. Full sunlight can restrict a tree from reaching its full height or providing fruit. For trees that prefer shade, consider these options.

Trees for High pH Levels

Some trees prefer soil with a high acidity level. But be careful, not every plant can survive in extreme cases. Not sure what the pH balance is in your soil? Contact us today and we can determine that for you.

Trees With Flowers

Flowers that bloom on trees are a bonus. They add a level of interest and are fun to look at.

Trees With Different Bark

These trees are unique with their bark and branches. They provide a change of texture and change of scenery.

Trees With Fall Colors

Trees turning color paint the perfect fall scene. With multiple factors involved, some trees have a more intense color than others.

Trees Around Power Lines

For spots near or under power lines, here are some trees that won’t interfere with power lines. This is especially helpful in Oklahoma where wind and ice storms can put trees at risk of disrupting power lines.

Evergreen trees are another one with easy maintenance. They require some raking if they shed their needles but grow in pyramid form, meaning less trimming than deciduous trees.

Trees To Avoid

Not all trees are good to have in your yard. There are some that grow too fast and are difficult to maintain. Rooting problems are a headache for homeowners and can ruin flowerbeds.

Trees serve many purposes for homeowners. They give you shade and oxygen but can also increase your home’s value by an estimated 15%. By planting trees in the right places, trees will also help reduce utility bills. Deciduous trees can provide shade in the summer and, when they shed in the winter, they allow sunlight into the home for heat.

Contact us today if you’re looking to add some shade before the summer or need some privacy from your neighbors. With our expert staff in landscaping, we can develop the perfect yard for you to enjoy all year long.