Colorful Plants to Brighten Up Your Oklahoma Fall Landscape

fall color leaves on the ground
As fall begins and the Oklahoma weather starts to cool down after a hot summer, the leaves start to change and landscapes are covered in scattered red, yellow, purple, and orange foliage and blooms. Some plants carry these fall colors more prominently than others, so if you are looking to add fall color to your landscape, these plants will make your landscape pop this season.

There are many trees, shrubs, and flowers that thrive in the cooler Oklahoma fall weather and look great year-round, not only in fall. We have compiled some of our favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers that radiate with fall color.




fall gourd

Planting Fall Gourds

Aside from flowers and shrubs, there are many vegetables that thrive in the fall and provide a seasonal variation to your landscape. Gourds are vegetables that can be grown in your garden that not only look festive, but they can be picked and painted or carved for fall activities, or eaten for fall-themed dishes. Some commonly grown gourds include:

Planting for fall color not only looks beautiful in autumn, but can be styled to look beautiful year-round as well. Designing a landscape that adjusts to the seasons will give your property a timelessly stunning look, and we can help. For more information about transitioning your landscape for fall, read our blog “How to Enjoy Your Yard in Oklahoma’s Colder Months.”