Benefits of Incorporating a Pergola or Pavilion Into Your Yard


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A pergola or pavilion can enhance your backyard in more ways than one. These versatile structures are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, plus they’re easy to maintain and blend well with your landscape. It’s the perfect outdoor retreat after a long day!

Being such a versatile structure, it’s easy to add your own touch and make it yours. Here are some of our favorite reasons why a pergola or pavilion is worth every penny.

Define A Space

Create a place to lounge and entertain outside. Pergolas and pavilions provide a space to dine, cook, or just enjoy the outdoors. These outdoor structures are the perfect transition from inside to outdoors, offering you an ideal place to relax. Add a bar or outdoor kitchen to maximize the space even more. With many ways to decorate them, there’s a style for everyone.

“Pergolas and pavilions alike make outdoor spaces much more inviting by creating an outdoor room,” said Nathan Boyles, General Manager at Havenscapes. “They also offer protection from the sun and rain. We have had many customers that have west-facing patios which are virtually unusable in the hot months. With a pergola, they have a shaded area that not only makes the patio much more inviting, but also shades the west-facing windows to save on energy bills.”

Provide Shade

Pavilions are a great way to provide shade on those hot summer days. Although a pergola’s roof is pretty open, you can customize your structure for more or less coverage. Add more shade to your pergola or pavilion by adding sheets or screens to the sides. For more natural shade, add climbing plants with a thick vine and blossoms.

Understanding the angles of your structure and natural sunlight is key. Expert pergola builders can show you the best angle for shade judging by where you plan to build it, the seasons, time of day, and angle of the sunset. By doing this, they can give you their best recommendations on how your structure can look and provide the best shade.


Pergolas and pavilions can be made with several different materials. Each material comes with its own advantages to meet your style and look. It’s also important to know their disadvantages, including:

We use Western Red Cedar to build our pergolas due to its durability and resistance to termites and fungal decay. We also stain our wood with a penetrating oil-based stain. This is applied to every piece of lumber before being built so that overlaid pieces are covered as well.

For pavilions, we use 30-year shingles and 30-year felt lining. This provides protection against some of the worst hail and wind damage that Oklahomans have seen.


Pergolas and pavilions are durable and last for years. Whether they’re wooden, vinyl, or fiberglass, they’re built to last a lifetime. Expected to last against all types of weather, these structures can withstand heat, rain, wind, and cold weather. After installation, there’s little to no worry that you’ll need to replace it in the future.

For pergolas and pavilions that aren’t attached to the home, we drop the posts 2 feet deep into the ground and secure them with concrete. For surface-mounted posts or posts resting on a patio, we use U-shaped brackets and concrete anchor bolts to secure them. To test their strength, these posts are pulled by a forklift and have never budged.

We also offer the option to cover your pergola with a clear polycarbonate top. This allows your pergola to be weather protected but still have the “pergola look”.

“In 2015 we had a customer in Piedmont that was hit by softball size hail and winds over 100 mph,” Nathan said. “The entire roof on the home had to be replaced. The insurance adjuster also looked over the pergola and could not find any damage whatsoever.”

Low Maintenance

Vinyl pergolas are very low maintenance. You don’t have to annually stain to maintain their color. They also don’t chip, peel, warp, or fade over time, leaving you more time to enjoy your outdoor spot. Vinyl pergolas or pavilions aren’t made with toxic chemicals, making them family-friendly and environmentally safe. Although they do chip and easily and very prone to hail damage.

Cedar pergolas or pavilions can be low maintenance depending on your style preference. To maintain a certain color, you will need to stain or seal the pergola regularly. Leaving the pergola untreated will lead to a fading natural look over time.

Integrates With Your Garden

image of a pergola | Havenscapes

Pergolas or pavilions can enhance your garden by providing a seating area to take in the sites and smells. You’ll be able to better appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into your garden with an area to soak it all in. Integrate your garden into the pergola by hanging plants from the top. You can add climbing plants to watch their vines grow up the pergola sides over time, eventually providing extra shade. Plants such as clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, wisteria, and grapevines work well for this. You’ll be able to watch them grow up the beams and weave with each other into the rafters creating a natural ceiling.

Install outdoor lighting around your pergola or pavilion to highlight flowers at night. If your structure is free standing with a path leading up to it, flowers and lights can be added to the side to blend everything together. With outdoor lighting, you’ll never want to leave your pergola, even after dark.


Pergolas and pavilions can provide privacy from your neighbors. Give yourself a backyard hideaway by hanging drapes, latticework, or screens. Sheer curtains in a topsail design can give you the perfect disconnect from roads, houses, or other unsightly scenes. Add an outdoor fireplace nearby to enjoy your private escape. Placing your structure strategically can minimize the amount of exposure you have to the rest of the world. Hang plants from the pergola to integrate your garden for a natural look that doubles as extra privacy.

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Pergolas and pavilions serve more than one purpose. They provide you an escape from the rest of the world, shade during the hot months, and a place to entertain. They’re a unique structure that offers many ways to decorate and make it your own. Freestanding in the middle of your garden or attached to your house on the patio, these outdoor buildings are the perfect retreat.

“It’s easy to sell an item that you truly believe in,” Nathan said. “We don’t skimp on our materials, which makes them higher in price than some other companies. But, we can leave knowing that the customer will have the best they can get.”

If you’re looking to install your next pergola or pavilion or are interested in renovating your current one, contact us today. Our experienced staff are more than happy to sit down with you and develop plans to turn your backyard into the perfect retreat.