Benefits of Adding a Pergola to Your Yard

wooden pergola with an outdoor table with a yard in view

Looking for that one thing that will provide beauty and benefit to your backyard? You may want to consider a pergola – the perfect architectural feature to give a sense of being inside and outside at the same time.

Why have a structure that has no walls to speak of or a solid roof to protect you from the elements? That’s the beauty of a backyard pergola. The lack of solid roof and walls helps a pergola define your outdoor space without restriction or constraints.

Aesthetic Benefits

Pergola with patio area. Glass top table with chairs, fire pit and barbecue

A pergola is an outdoor room with cross rafters and no walls that provides a light, airy, and inviting space to relax, dine, or just admire. A pergola can add life to your backyard landscape. You can use a pergola to frame a unique focal point in your yard or garden.

Remember, a backyard pergola doesn’t have walls, so that means you get a nearly unobstructed view of your landscaping. Pergolas are generally freestanding but can be attached. You can locate your pergola for the best view of your yard.

A pergola creates visual interest, particularly if you have flowering and fragrant vines growing up and over the rafters and down the vertical posts. You can also dress up a pergola by hanging planters or other design elements from the rafters.

Draping all-weather fabrics from one vertical post to another adds a soft flowing effect and a romantic appeal to your landscape while providing even more protection from the elements – a definite advantage over an open patio.

If you add climbing plants to the structure, you will enjoy color as well as shade. A pergola covered with flowering plants is gorgeous in the spring and summer months, and lots of beautiful climbing plants grow well on them and also grow well in Oklahoma. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Oklahoma pergola climbing plants.

Functional Benefits

wooden pergola over a tiled floor with yard visible in the background

Thanks to advancements in construction technology and materials, a backyard pergola not only adds beauty to your garden, it also functions as a place to relax and enjoy some leisure time with your loved ones.

While you can sit on the patio and enjoy the sun, sometimes the heat can be unbearable, driving you indoors. With a backyard pergola, you can stay cool and still spend time outdoors. First, the breeze will flow freely through your backyard pergola as there is nothing to block it and you can block most of the rays of the sun by installing a slat roof.

That way, even when the temperature outdoors is soaring, you stay cool and use the space for all types of fun activities.

A pergola helps to maximize your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture. It acts as a windbreaker and a rain shelter. Add a fire pit for those chilly evenings, and you have the perfect place to gather with loved ones no matter what time of the year.

Even though pergolas have an open-structure construction, by adding accessories like louvered wall panels, you can create a privacy screen that blocks unattractive views and ensures you get the privacy you want when spending time in your backyard.

Today, backyard pergolas can be made from a variety of materials and in different sizes and shapes. If you want to add some flair to your outdoor living space, pergolas are perfect. Cedar is one of the most preferable woods for making a pergola since it is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Also, the soothing aroma of the wood can be relaxing and therapeutic after a stressful day at work.

We can build just about any shape and size pergola you would like. Our design experts are ready to help you plan a custom pergola for your backyard. To schedule your free, no-pressure consultation, contact us or call our Edmond office at (405) 418-4880.