Adding Warmth to Your Outdoor Space

Temperatures are starting to warm up in Oklahoma, but the nights can still get pretty chilly. Still, we’re all starting to get spring fever and want to spend as much time outside as possible as we gear up for summer.

Adding warmth to your outdoor space can be a challenge if you haven’t looked into the right methods of achieving this. It’s so nice to sit, relax, and kick back around a cozy outdoor fireplace, but there are other options too. Here are some to explore, so that your outdoor space is as cozy warm as your indoor one.

Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Havenscapes is a landscaping design firm that can help you build the outdoor fireplace of your dreams. Our designs will effortlessly make the best use of your backyard, outdoor space so all your time spent out there is a pleasure. They give off an exceptional amount of warmth and are perfect for outdoor gatherings any time of the year. Even when the weather is chilly,  you can easily grab some ingredients to make s’mores for the family and enjoy your yard.

Outdoor fire pit designed by Havenscapes OKC

Use a Chiminea or Fire Pit

A chiminea is a free-standing fireplace made of iron that is front-loading. It looks very aesthetically pleasing in the center of some beautiful patio furniture. You can sit around the lit chiminea to feel the warmth it puts off. Many people like these, because they are easy to light, and aren’t as much work as a traditional fire pit.

If you do like the idea of a built-in fire pit, this can be easily constructed to match the decor of your outdoor space. Then, you can load it with wood to provide tons of outdoor warmth during the cooler months. Using these types of fire pits year round can be especially scenic during the snowy winter months. A roaring outdoor fire against the snow covered backyard can be an exquisite sight.

Rooftop patio with gas heater & outdoor fire pit

Purchase a Heat Lamp

For those true “freeze babies” out there that need lots of additional heat at night or during the cooler temperatures, a heat lamp is the way to go. You can have one or multiples stationed around your outdoor seating area. The power of these heat lamps can really warm up a decent sized space. That way you won’t be cold sitting outside enjoying any time of year. Even during the summer months, when it gets a little cooler at night, people like the warmth a heat lamp gives off. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different powered heat settings.

Outdoor heat lamp under trees with string lights

Candles Add Ambiance

Setting candles all around your outdoor space will give a nice ambient lighting to enjoy. They don’t give off much warmth themselves, but they make it feel like the space is warmer when it’s candlelit. You can use large outdoor candle lanterns that hold a few candles a piece. The lanterns are usually a combination of metal and glass that look very attractive around your backyard.

Still life with candle and potted plant in outdoor design

A Canopy Can Shield You from the Elements

A canopy top, pergola, pavilion, or roof over your outdoor space will help to hold some heat in, and provides you with a bit of shelter from the outdoor elements, such as the wind or rain. These are great when you have the outdoor heat lamps in place around the area, or over a smaller fire pit, like a built-in one into a small coffee table. You can even hang weather resistant curtains off of your canopy to make it even more cozy, and private.

Tropical outdoor kitchen under pergola and next to pool designed by Havenscapes OKC

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