Installing a Retaining Wall

TCover image of installing a retaining wall for Havenscapes OK blog posthe term ‘retaining wall’ is a straightforward one – a wall of concrete blocks, natural stone or other materials, which holds back the earth. We often think of them as utilitarian, or purely functional. While they do serve a distinct purpose, building a retaining wall into your landscape can be another beautiful element in the landscape of your dreams.

When we build a retaining wall, we’re careful to balance form and function perfectly, designing a wall that’s sturdy, but blends well with the rest of your landscape.

Do I need a retaining wall?

If your yard is uneven, with hills and valleys, installing a retaining wall can help create more usable space. You may need more patio space, or room for an outdoor kitchen or you may just be looking for an expanse of flat ground for family activities. Installing a retaining wall means cutting into your hilly land to create that flat space, and using the wall to hold back the earth. In some yards, retaining walls are used to create flower beds and gardens.

Can I build a retaining wall?

Size matters in retaining wall construction – anything but the very smallest walls need to be designed by a landscape designer, and very large walls may require the guidance of an engineer. Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, and other locations in the metro all have different processes for applying for a retaining wall permit, often depending on the height of the wall.

Why all this fuss over part of someone’s landscape? Retaining wall failures can be difficult to repair, and incredibly expensive. In order to function well, they must be built on proper footings and carefully constructed according to the plans.

At Havenscapes, we custom design every retaining wall we build. We do this for strength and durability first and foremost, but we’re also proud of our ability to create a custom look that enhances the natural elevation gain of your yard. If you have questions about how a retaining wall could improve your landscape, call one of our fully-trained landscape designers today.